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Salò is the largest town on the western shore of Lake Garda. It is located in the province of Brescia and belongs to the Italian region of Lombardy. Salò offers sophisticated living, lifestyle and shopping, its old town and the promenade along the lake are much frequented; Salò is a seaside resort, an excursion destination and a cultural centre.



Santa Maria Annunziata . Vicolo Campanile, 2 . 25087 Salò BS . Italy . + 39 0365 521700 .

The monumental late Gothic cathedral dates back to the 15th century, to make it an important example of the transitional period between Gothic and Renaissance, following the Lombard architectural language. Although the cathedral was rebuilt in later periods, its ancient structure is still clearly legible today. The floor mosaic has a three-dimensional effect.

Palazzo del Podestà . Lungolago Zanardelli, 55 . 25087 Salò BS . Italy . +39 0365 296801 .

This 14th century palazzo now houses the town hall. The ceiling fresco in the staircase is worth seeing. The façade and the arcades were designed by the famous Italian architect Sansovino.

Hotel Villa Laurin . Viale Angelo Landi, 9 . 25087 Salò BS . Italy . +39 0365 22022 .

Villa Laurin is a well-known Art Nouveau building that housed the Foreign Ministry.  Today it is a hotel. The building was built at the beginning of the 20th century by the Simoninials family as their private residence. majestic and elegant, with frescoes by Bertolotti and Landi, with large wrought-iron scrolls and refined furniture.

Lungolago Zanardelli . Vicolo Oratorio, 3 . 25087 Salò BS . Italy

Impressive palazzi and arcades line the 2.8 km long lakeside promenade. It is the longest promenade on the shores of Lake Garda and certainly one of the most and certainly one of the most beautiful, with magnificent views of the Gulf of Salò and the backdrop of the old town.

MUSA . Museo di Salò . Via Brunati, 9 . 25087 Salò BS . Italy .+39 0365 20553 .

The Museo di Salò – MuSa for short – provides an insight into the eventful past of the Lake Garda town and its inhabitants. Documents, paintings and various exhibits tell the story of the town from the beginning of the 15th century onwards.

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