We are happy to give our guests recommendations for day trips around Lake Garda and the surrounding area – to beautiful road tours, viewpoints and hikes, to bathing opportunities and sports facilities, to sights and museums, to good restaurants and special shops.

The excursions we recommend will be expanded and revised at irregular intervals.
and revise them at irregular intervals.


Salò 45° 36′ N . 10° 32′ O
Garda 45° 35′ N . 10° 42′ O
Locanda San Vigilio 45° 34′ 25″ N . 10° 40′ 20″ O

One of the most beautiful destinations on Lake Garda is the place that gave the lake its name … Garda on the eastern shore of the lake … and not far from it the Restaurant & Hotel Locanda San Vigilio.

As the Locanda San Vigilio is one of the most beautifully situated restaurants on Lake Garda – you prefer to sit outside on a jetty with a wonderful view over the lake and enjoy Italian cuisine – you should treat yourself to this excursion to the east coast at least twice – once in connection with a boat passage Maderno – Torri/Torri – Maderno, a second time by car following the coastal road with various stops in between.

By car ferry
Drive north from Salò to Maderno (7.9 km . approx. 10 min.). There you take the car ferry to Torri (approx. 30 min. . Return journey approx. 6.00 – 10.00 €. From Torri, take the Locanda San Vigilio to Garda. Plan 1-2 hours at each of the places visited for sightseeing, restaurant and café visits.

By car
From Salò you first follow the coastal road south around the lower part of Lake Garda. Enjoy the ever-impressive view of the lake, visit the old towns of e.g. Manerba, Desenzano, Sirmione, Peschiera, Lazise, Bardolino and Garda on your tour. After a stop at the Locanda San Vigilio, you will start your return journey. Interesting stops include visits to the wineries Cà dei Frati in Sirmione and Cà Maiol in Desenzano.


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