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Lake Garda – being here is wonderful

What is it about, this very special character of Lake Garda?
Again and again the sight of its water surface,
the varied shore zones with the wonderful silhouettes of historical cities,
with its rugged rock faces and Mediterranean pine and pine forests.
Then it is the pulsating life in the countless cafés
at any time of the day and restaurants,
enjoying regional wines such as Lugana, Bardolino or Valpolicella,
the scent of lemons and limes, oleanders and jasmine and whatever is in bloom
– when the gardesana holds its breath for a moment.

It’s nice here.


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It is the most popular holiday destination for Germans in Italy, and »la dolce vita« reigns supreme here. His magical charisma is the sum of many very special impressions. First of all, it is the encounter with the Gardesana, the violently pulsating traffic artery around the lake. This is where northern Italy speaks up with the rapid driving style of its spirited residents at high engine speeds, here spectacular overtaking takes place, here the smell of exhaust fumes accumulates, here the rattling of the beloved Vespas dominates, only occasionally drowned out by the siren of an ambulance.


It is called the “balcony of western Lake Garda” – Tremosine, a group of 18 villages on the plateau of the “Alto Garda Bresciano” National Park high above the lake. Here the visitor encounters another world »from below«, a lush green landscape. There are wonderful hiking trails and mountain bike slopes here, and you can try canyoning and kite sailing here.
The way there? It is best to follow the signs from the Gardesana from Salò or from Limone.
Or via Pieve – the strenuous mountain tour.


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